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If you have made it so far and have decided to catch up on our new blog, we want to thank you. As the team of a new non-profit we have been struggling and working hard day and night to bring our vision to life. We get asked one question a lot...

So how exactly did The White Lotus Project come to be? Here is a message from our co-founder:

Hi everyone! This is Manroop Chandi, the co-founder of this non-profit. I had been an events coordinator for the Pre Law Society at Stanislaus State for a couple of months. One of our events was to donate baskets with necessities to the local Cancer Center.

At Emanuel Cancer Center

(Here is a picture taken that day, with the Stan State Pre Law Society ladies. You can spot me on the right in the red blazer).)

After meeting with the team there and talking to them I noticed that there was much help needed. Everyday necessities that we take for granted such as food, the cancer patients were struggling to obtain. Cancer Treatment can be very costly, and many patients struggle to to be able to work with a health condition as such.

A couple months later, I decided one day to go donate some savings, that my family had piled up. As I handed the money to Maureen Day, who works in the Oncology Support Services Department she was filled with Joy. I had never felt so much warmth and appreciation before. It truly broke my heart to see how many patients needed help. Over the next couple of months I pondered back and forth over the idea of a non-profit but COVID-19 hit. I didn't think starting a non-profit during COVID would be a smart idea as it would be so hard to obtain donation items, let alone volunteers. I am also a full time college student and legal intern. But, COVID progressed and I saw the effects on our community, and it began to dawn on me that this was the perfect time. People needed help and I was dedicated to make it happen. I had push back from many people who I reached out to be on my team, but I was dedicated to bringing my vision to life. And here we are. I am overwhelmed with joy, as I write this blog post. This non profit took many mental breakdowns, hard work, and self-doubt wondering, if I could ever pull this through, but we persevered as a team.

I hope all of our followers enjoy seeing our work in the future. We have a lot of interesting events in the works, (the COVID social distancing way).

Signing off until next time. Stay safe , wear a mask, and please social distance.

-Manroop Chandi


What can you expect from our blog?

We are planning on updating our blog biweekly with upcoming events information and raising awareness on many pressing issues that our organization stands for. Please stay tuned. We have some very exciting events and blogs in the works.

-The White Lotus Project Team

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